I wish I had the luxury of doing Afternoon Tea more often. Alas, I have to wait till the day I arrive in taitai-dom. I have to admit that I always choose savory over sweet and here are some photos I painstakingly took and am quite proud of. :) Natural good lighting makes such a […]

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First time I had dried version of dan dan mian and have to admit I was quite disappointed. My mouth was watering thinking about the spicy tongue numbing chilli oil gravy and uber tasty. We recently checked out Hayyo Kitchen, right round the corner from where we live. This place does good pasta with a […]


I work right next door and don’t dine here enough given that we get a discount. Some dishes from the lunch set! Deep-fried seabass in a tomato sauce, hot crisp and tangy. For anyone that likes a sweet and sour dish, and fish that is done just right and tender under the crispy skin, not […]


Eating at chef’s is a luxury as I don’t do so often enough and often when I do, I’m on my own dying to talk about the food and share. Cherry wood smoked oysters with squid ink emulsion topped with foie gras mentioned in one of my earlier posts. smokey, subtly fruity, rich and full […]


Pumpkin soup with caramelised pork bits inside which was a pleasant surprise. Escargots in China are really an oxymoron, you can imagine how they taste, even in a wonderful restaurant like Maison Boulud. They were okay at best. Everyone raves about the DB burger, I’m not a big fan of beef, so it’s difficult for […]

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