One Harbour Road at the Grand Hyatt is our regular haunt. We’re here at least twice a month for yumcha and it’s what the toddler looks forward to every week. I’m surprised it doesn’t have a Michelin star even though it’s on the Guide’s radar. I know it does huge volume, but the quality is […]

I am biased as I have to say that the decor at Wing Lei Palace is my favourite in Wynn Palace as it’s theme is green and gold, my favourite colour green so tastefully done, and peppered with tassels and art deco motifs. I was told however, there wasn’t any art deco inspiration behind the […]

  It’s the must-have during Chinese New Year in the South. Lo Bak Gou in Cantonese and Mandarin Luo bo Gao 萝卜糕 translates to carrot cake, but it’s made with radish/turnip. The Chinese name for the turnip is white carrot. Gou means cake 糕 and is the homophone for tall in Mandarin. During Chinese New Year, the […]

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One of the City of Dream’s new fine dining establishments, Jade Dragon is truly a restaurant to take guests you want to impress. The interiors are stunning – tall traditional Chinese medicinal cabinets decorated with ornate Chinese art pieces. The food and service – impeccable. We couldn’t find a single fault. We were given a […]

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A guest column I contributed to for Hong Kong’s Foodie Magazine. Read all about dim sum and me here .  

I’m back on 4 hour sleeps a night, answering emails, fixing photos and personal blogging after tapering down recently to avoid burnout. The new site design is on its way with a new logo to boot. We had brunch here months back and ordered more than enough for two. While the service was excellent and […]

This local dim sum dive is where grandmas and grandpas come for breakfast, lunch and tea at shared tables. In the early mornings before 6am,  you’ll also see plenty of construction workers, taxi and bus drivers (from the nearby Shun Tak bus terminus) having breakfast before their morning shift. I stumbled upon this wonderful hole […]

To be fair, with dimsum, I’ve had my share of very bad ones and good ones, and when I found a good dim sum place that didn’t give me food poisoning, I tended to stick with it. Lei Garden still tops my list. This one in order of my best picks—again open to discussion! Lei […]

Prima, my ice cream designer friend came to visit, so we went to Macau and chef made us a french onion soup topped with onion ice cream—prima couldn’t stop thinking about it. We started with one of my favourite dishes: lobster with green apples sitting on a bed of celeriac mash—hint of celery was the […]


It’s nice to go back to the real world where people have standards, personal hygiene, manners, chivalrous men and lots of delicious (non-toxic) food. I accept the challenges, materialism and politicking that comes with the change in landscape—at least there will be quality control, standards and warmer weather. :) Best of all, fewer bogus professionals […]

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