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Hello! This week’s series is a little late, but better late than never. More street side captures of Macau for a slice of ‘lo-pat’ (local-expat) life! Lots of new projects and creative ideas brewing for 2015, and determined to follow them all through without spreading too thin. Hope you like them so far, the 4th […]

Well, Life in Macau was meant to be a weekly series every Friday , but work and life happens and I couldn’t keep up. So, better late than never and I’ve stopped beating myself up over not having done enough or getting things perfectly done in time because it doesn’t make me feel any better. […]

It’s been a busy first 10 days into 2015 with a few personal creative projects lined up – stay close for that! I’ve started journaling again and actually rediscovered the joy of writing pen to paper. I’ve always been old school, jotting notes on paper, but journaling thoughts and feelings that way is actually quite liberating. […]

Second day into the New Year, no new resolutions, just staying focused, practising mindfulness and reducing my mad “jumping shrimp” tendency to multi-task on turbo. Here’s a new series I’ll be putting together, I’ve spent some time with iMovies and really don’t use it enough and it’s such a great creative outlet to do so […]