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The last book I read by Haddon was The Curious Incident of The Dog over a decade ago and I recently went to the theatre to watch the play – which gave it more dimension. It’s also because most of my friends have children these days and some of them with special needs, it was […]


I found Jennifer through the hashtag #marriedtoachef over a year ago and have followed her journey of raising 3 kids and conquering it all like a pro. You can check out her blog and the chef wife sorority she leads in a private facebook group. :) 1. How did you meet your chef husband? I […]

in the company of courtesan sarah duant
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If I were to judge a book by its cover, I wouldn’t have picked it up. However,, the title and synopsis was interesting. This suspense novel is peppered with rich historical facts of 16th century Italy, in the same genre as Donna Tartt’s novels peppered with exciting historical recreation of that era like a Ken […]

jeanette winterson
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Such a poignant great read, I finished it in a couple of hours. I have been a JW fan for years and have in fact read all of her books. The first being Oranges are not the only fruits, that I related to at so many levels as an angry adolescent in my late teens… […]

I love the smell of the good old confectionary. They have plenty of those in Singapore in the shophouses in Chinatown or Katong. These flour and egg fluffy buns remind me of my childhood and my late grandmother who used to give it to us as snacks all the time . Tripe and kidney and […]