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Rounding up old and new favourites for a tipple or two and the usual suspects for a great brew. This post also ties up my collaboration with the Macao Tourism Board sharing my personal favourites on this sleepy backwater of Hong Kong, steeped in history and peppered with plenty of 16th century UNESCO monuments.  Macao […]

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It’s been a very exciting, challenging and amazing 2012. I got through it with many highs and equal number of very lows, but am so glad I’ve made it to the finishing line – and the world didn’t end. There are so many things to be thankful and grateful for and how blessed my life […]


This year I spent the whole day cleaning up the apartment and enjoying the luxury of having time to laze about. I went over to my Chinese friend’s place for the traditional Chinese New Year feast on lunar new year’s eve and made plenty of dumplings and guotie 锅贴 (funny direct translation of pot stickers), […]