Quick updates as I am far behind my updates and posts in queue are piling up. I’ve been to this little local joint Pui Kee 沛记 a few times now, and highly recommend the pork chop noodles 猪排拉面, ask for extra egg. :) Last time, I had the pork chop soup noodles. Unfortunately menus are […]

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First time I had dried version of dan dan mian and have to admit I was quite disappointed. My mouth was watering thinking about the spicy tongue numbing chilli oil gravy and uber tasty. We recently checked out Hayyo Kitchen, right round the corner from where we live. This place does good pasta with a […]


Eating at chef’s is a luxury as I don’t do so often enough and often when I do, I’m on my own dying to talk about the food and share. Cherry wood smoked oysters with squid ink emulsion topped with foie gras mentioned in one of my earlier posts. smokey, subtly fruity, rich and full […]