The latest spot in town for some specialty coffee, savory crepes, club sandwiches and a dessert menu. Bright airy with plenty of natural light streaming in from the skylit glass ceiling. Service is still spotty, every new opening’s teething problems, but the food is simple, fresh and good. A café type spot that has been […]

While the weather was dreary and cold in the peak of summer at the end of July, the galettes and crepes were amazing as was the seafood we couldn’t get enough of. The husband organised a behind the scenes fisherman tour so we could see the boats’ daily haul coming in and how they sort […]

Spent a great Sunday with @missnormality, her French man and mine. Weekends have actually been exceptionally enjoyable because I realised while trying to mend and strengthen what was broken, we never actually spent time in Hong Kong the last 9 months I’ve been here to properly enjoy the city as a couple, not that we […]