Sorry, it’s been short and hardly insightful food blog posts of late as I haven’t actually had time to sit down or digest what I’ve been doing or eating. There’s been many exploring adventures, still lots of eating and just not enough time to sleep. I’m in the middle of a big move, cat included […]

The exhibition showcases a collection of photos and items of the artist best known for his calligraphy vandalism all around Hong Kong. Tsang Tsou-choi had delusions of grandeur, believing he was the King of Kowloon and set about scribbling his crude, yet poetically moving ‘mandates’ all over the city. The odd job labourer who was […]

I don’t get too much free time in the day to discover Hong Kong as I’m in Macau during the weekends, so this long weekend was a real privilege to orientate myself—I still get lost in central and walk round in circles, miss bus stops and turn up very late for appointments! In support of […]