After living in Macao for over 4.5 years, I have to say that Morpheus hotel is the only casino hotel that doesn’t make me feel like I’m in Macao. I could be anywhere – Barcelona, Singapore, London. You feel like you’re anywhere but Macao. View this post on Instagram Perspectives. Riding the glass capsule elevator […]

thoumieux par sylvestre

We’ve been here several times now and love the neighbourhood. We’ve dined at the brasserie a few times as well as the 2 Michelin starred Thoumieux restaurant upstairs. It’s where they serve breakfast every morning too. As for the food, it’s definitely on our go to. Brasserie for simple quick fare and the Michelin restaurant […]

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Unearthing photos from two Autumns ago, we dined at ** Michelin Thierry Drapeau restaurant in Saint-Sulpice-le-Verdon, a region of France famous for their medieval theatre shows. Sadly, time was short and the objective like all quick trips to France was to indulge in gastronomy. Table side decor – seasonal vegetables The gorgeous hotel and restaurant chef […]

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L’Assiette Champenoise is a gorgeous hotel with an exceptional breakfast and the wait staff at breakfast are lovely, friendly and speak fluent English. Everything comes to your table at the start, homemade butter, salted caramel, chocolate, confiture and caramelised condensed milk (dulce de leche)! You are spoilt for choice and probably go without lunch which is […]


This is our default Sunday brunch place when we wake up and don’t know where to go. Aux Beaux Arts is always a good idea and I always end up ordering the same thing, half a dozen of escargots followed by mussels and fries or the chicken stuffed with foie gras. It never fails me. […]

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Someone asked me the other day where’s the best service I’ve ever experienced and it occurred to me that I never got round to raving about our dinner at Le Royal Mansour in Marrakech. The intuitive, white glove seamless non-intrusive service – where your next thought is anticipated before you can voice it and they’re […]

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In a recent article published, Marrakech sits on #6 of Trip Advisor’s Top 25 most popular destinations in the world. Chef loves the place so much having worked and lived there, we were even contemplating buying a dream home in there, but alas there are other priorities and bigger (real) dreams to chase. We rented […]

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It’s really easy to get too comfortable and to keep going back to our favourite places, but I’ve made it a point to keep trying out new places. Both the Lisboas are home to a good variety of quality food. Noite e Dia, which means Night and Day packs in a broad variety of breakfast […]

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Revisiting one of the older videos I initiated and produced for Swire Hotels social channels. Fun times with chef Gray Kunz at Saiyingpun wet market, my old neighbourhood. Videos edited by a group fresh Hong Kong Poly U graduates that I had the pleasure of working with on their student – corporate client project. Took […]

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Revisiting the collection of three short films Short Stays 1 made by independent Chinese film makers in 2009/2010 the short films by Liu Jiayin, Peng Lei and Zhao Ye are now available to be viewed online after making their runs at International film festivals around the world. My ex Beijing flatmate Samantha Culp and I […]

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