Oddies Foodies has been around for a while and I am slightly late in the game. Their first outfit is in Wanchai, but I luckily stumbled upon their second store on Gough Street – so perfect opportunity to try their signature “eggette” soft serve for 60HKD. We shared it between two of us and it’s still […]


Stumbled upon this cute space few weeks into their opening, and an extension of their En Masse lifestyle concept store, the ice cream store is just across from En Masse. We were told everything is homemade there and menu is modest and simple. Ordered a scoop of vanilla drizzled over with blue berries. I’m not a fan […]

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This spot is no secret to locals and tourists, infact it’s been around since 1869 over several generations, the Macau Tourism Board has given them an honorary heritage food status. Here’s where I get freshly grated coconut for coconut milk, or if I’m lazy I buy coconut milk already pressed and always bottles of fresh […]

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I’m not one for baking as I don’t do measurements very well while cooking since it’s always an intuitive and emotional exercise in the kitchen I grew up in. I was quite surprised how easy and quick it was to make an apple tart… but probably would never attempt this myself. My father in law […]

A long overdue entry that deserves more attention than I’ve had time to give it. It’s been the usual, more work than I can possibly handle, not enough sleep and so many interesting people to meet and cool projects to do. One of my best friends, Prima, Thai ice cream designer of Icedea has two […]