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I have to admit I have little clue where to eat in Kowloon. My friends come here often for breakfast Thosai, and recommended I try their pretty tasty South Indian vegetarian food. This set lunch was a bunch of everything – lentils, chickpeas, okra, pickled vegetables over a spiced pea rice and naan. Delish. This chain […]

Where to get the best Indian food in Macau? Look no further – Golden Peacock in Venetian is a one Michelin starred restaurant with all the regional Indian dishes cooked to perfection. Service is fantastic, I’ve gone with friends with egg, gluten, diary allergies and our server actually knew every single ingredient that went into […]


I’ve now had my fair share of travelling by train in India. Today, I finished 3 stories for Instant Books complete with illustrations on the 5 hour train ride. Very productive commute as I also finished a terribly boring and dry book “Mother of a Thousand Sons” that read like a PHD dissertation rather than […]