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** All images here shot on iphone, edited with VSCO app. (Dawn.. taken on our recent road trip across France) Ever since I won the mailchimp scholarship for a premium membership on Skillshare, I’ve been taking many classes here and working hard on food photography and styling, doing all my homework with each class. I […]

Well, here has 2013 gone? It has flown me by again and it’s the time of year for hard drive spring cleaning, social channels housekeeping and reflecting on how fast, furious and exciting this year’s been. Here are some highlights from my Instagram in 2013, the rubber duckie craze that made International news headlines many […]

Part of their instagram series, here’s a peek into my 16 hour days. I’m obsessed about Instagram and another wonderful thing is that it links directly onto Sina Weibo too, China’s equivalent of twitter. Read the piece here and check out all the cool instagram folks in Hong Kong while you’re at it. Follow me […]

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I’m way behind my blog and my personal social media channels as it’s been some insane weeks coupled with my lovely budget travels which sets me even further back with work. I was home in Singapore a few weeks ago—more food posts to come, then set off for Bangkok to be traditional Thai wedding bridesmaid […]

Taikoo Shing does really cool short term (2 weeks max) exhibitions in the mall and this time, there was an old Hong Kong miniature exhibit by 42 local artists replicating charming old faces of Hong Kong in the smallest scale possible, complete with intricate details, down to the different fonts of the traditional Chinese characters. […]

Now that Summer is here, we’ve been finding excuses to have BBQs despite the thunderstorm and typhoon warnings, we had lots of luck with decent weather. The best thing about going to a BBQ organised by a fine dining (starred) chef is that 90% of the guests are also chefs, sommeliers or some expert in […]