This café isn’t so new on the scene anymore. I think they opened last year and has a wonderfully simple menu of Italian classics. They do an excellent job with the simple classics, pizzas, pastas, risotto with set lunches from 98MOP. The space is sparse but intimate with hanging lamps and wooden tables. Here’s the […]

So, everyone jokingly calls this restaurant my husband’s “canteen”, as Robuchon once was where he’d dine up to four times a week there by himself. As you can see, my cooking at home can never measure up. We head to Ciak and Otto e Mezzo in Hong Kong whenever we’re in town and have our pre-travel dinner […]

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A private dinner and some food photography tips from award winning photographer and chef Andrea Oschetti in his wonderful loft studio with the Amateur Gourmet crew. A simple three course meal that I and a few others helped prepare. He’s all about healthy Italian cooking, without butter cream and sparing use of oil—which while light […]

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I’ve been meaning to try this for a while and finally got round to it. The menu is small, but the pastas are great, cooked al dente with the popular choices on the menu. They do the original carbonara without cream just filled with the rich heady goodness of eggs and the beetroot ravioli served […]

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We celebrated our two year anniversary more than two months ago and had a tasting menu done by chef Vincenzo Castaldo. Living apart memorising country codes and numbers of +33/+86/+212/+852/+853 over the last two years hasn’t easy nor cheap. Going to so many weddings this year puts many things in perspective. I’m surprised that Don […]

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2012 got off to a very gourmet start with two gourmet meals this month. Chef finally managed to get a table for me to try the legendary 8 1/2 with its newly crowned 3rd Michelin star. It’s full for lunch and dinner through till end of January and into Feb. I can see why this […]

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S suggested a risotto night under her supervision, so we made two risottos last saturday. One with speck, raddichio rosso (a tribute to my Trevigiani days) and red wine and the other, a strawberry risotto, one of the unique things that I took with me from my days of living in Italy. My Italian girlfriend […]

I’ve been very fortunate in my few weeks of living in HKG (the last 8 months didn’t count as I didn’t make any friends since I was perpetually in transit and not living my life for myself) I made a handful of new friends who share the same obsession for food and wine as me. […]

Dining at Sureño is never boring and I would be happy to dine here everyday, and I’m not being biased. Chef Marino made a five course menu, working with the different cheeses from the Mediterranean, from Italy (of course), Cyprus and Greece. Haloumi cheese from cyprus, with a chewy consistency of tofu and deliciously salty […]


An Italian friend tried to explain this to me because I was skeptical about smelling food in my mouth. And a google search tells me that it’s a common in wine tastings and smoking, which made it perfectly easy to understand. However, this only occurs when you have mind-blowingly good food. Image via Stogiefresh I […]

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