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This is a way overdue entry when I had dinner with super foodie friend and it was intended as a joint entry… and I’m going to attempt to recall the delicious meal I had there… too much pressure to do joint food blog entries! :/ (sorry Duncan this is so overdue!) Duncan wrote a fantastic […]

I ate at Sureño four times this week. I absolutely love the food there, but my waistline is starting not to agree in my soon-to-be-deep-vein- trombosis skinny jeans. To start, the salmon has gorgonzola tucked inside, so does the salami on the other end. YUM! This dish below is my absolute absolute favourite at the […]

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The Reignwood Club is housed in the new Fairmount hotel and its restaurants cater to both club members and the public alike. The 3 (4?) storey club houses a grand theatre in full-on Italian-style and reminded me a little of a miniature La Fenice in Venezia. The interior of Florence is simple and muted, and […]

I had lunch with Two-star Michelin chef Claudio Sadler and interviewed him in my very poor, long forgotten Italian (the regret is all mine as I skipped all my classes in Treviso to go eat and drink instead). Our three course meal turned into six as he continually sent food back into the kitchen while […]

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