Cafe Melaka It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but when I was living in SYP neighbourhood, I used to get my laksa and char kueh teow fix at Cafe Melaka at Hotel Jen. You can find chendol, rojak and the whole works on the menu. I’m have to make another trip back now […]

Every self respecting person with Peranakan roots will tell you that the best laksa to be had is made by their grandmother, mother or themselves. I think in my generation we all cheat with ready made paste or we vacuum pack our mother’s freshly made rempah (spice paste) along with homemade belacan. Visiting friends are […]

Two weekends ago, Chief Chowtzers across Asia Pacific got together in Singapore for the Chowtzer Asia awards Asia 2015, Anton our chief Chowtzer of Manila who takes amazing photos did a fantastic recap here. Check out his blog Our Awesome Planet if you’re looking to eat well in Manila and across the globe. Well, I arrived a […]


One of the more meaningful things I did months before leaving my previous position in Hong Kong and moving to Macau was introducing e_ting the wonderful woman behind the Island East Markets concept to the team at Swire to sponsor the venue and subsequently putting Miele in touch with her to anchor sponsor the event. […]

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This little eatery is a refuge for homesick Singaporeans. For those familiar with Prima Deli instant packets, Prima Taste belongs to the same company that vacuum packs the spices and authentic flavors of home in sachets for different local dishes. The eatery’s menu is simple and straightforward, which explains the steady flow of diners who […]

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One of the things I miss most about home is the food. After two years in Beijing, I finally found the closest equivalent of local food at Prima Taste Kitchen. I survived my time in Italy with Prima Deli instant packets of laksa and Hainanese chicken rice. This same company set up shop in Beijing […]