We were lucky to have secured a table here as the husband heard lots of good things in the chef circle and I neglected to make reservations at Locavore – No.49 on the Asia World’s 50 Best list. We scrambled around to try to get a table at the last minute. They only do one […]

Slim pickings in Macau, I say it often but actually there is plenty of places to go for great food here. But here are my default choices, without a second thought. Pulled BBQ pork tacos. Yes please. At Four Seasons Macao. Perfectly executed, it’s faultless, you cannot not like it. I always order the same, […]

This is a long over due post. Towards the end of last year, I took my Hong Kong friends on another Macau Food Crawl. Sequel to Macau food crawl part 1, and part 2 If you’re looking for Portuguese restaurants in Macao, you can check out my top 11 recommendations here. As usual, I hired […]

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Well, if there’s anything on the eat list in Marrakech, it has to be the local authentic Méchoui, which is a whole sheep or lamb either spit roasted on a BBQ or slow slow cooked underground in these giant kilns that look like tandoori ovens. An anchor dish in North Africa, the name of dish comes […]


  Navigating the Macau wet markets begins as a daunting overwhelming experience as vendors are impatient, always giving the hostile ‘tsk’ and often times told me to stop asking questions and to go away if I wasn’t planning to buy anything from them. Then I learnt through months of persistence that beneath that steel hostile […]