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I forgot how much I missed fiction and how much fiction I was reading a decade ago before work took priorities, but it’s been really good picking up fiction books at the library again. You never really know what you’re going to end up with. I thought The Shoemaker’s Wife by Adriana Trigiani would fall into […]

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Such a poignant great read, I finished it in a couple of hours. I have been a JW fan for years and have in fact read all of her books. The first being Oranges are not the only fruits, that I related to at so many levels as an angry adolescent in my late teens… […]

Many people I know make marriage sound like a walk in the park, which of course most know isn’t the reality. However, with social media, you can be who you want to be or create the life online that you’d like, but that isn’t a reality. Recently, an Australian model Essena O’neill decided to flip that all […]

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I randomly picked The Perfume Collector: A Novel by Kathleen Tessaro off the shelf at the library and ended up staying up all night to finish it because I could not bear to put it aside while the plot was speeding through. The narrative is told in a way where every chapter alternates between present and […]

Constantly inspired by Jenn at Emulsified family and most recently a post by Shanndelier as the chef wives sorority share all these insider jokes on being married to a chef. There was a recent article that surfaced that is hopefully purely a joke and we shouldn’t really be doing it any more favours by directing traffic to […]

I couldn’t be more happy and proud of my man who has reached the next level towards the culinary holy grail of two Michelin stars, after gaining the first within 8 months after opening his eponymous restaurant, working so hard and motivating the team to tirelessly put in 200% to maintain it for three years […]

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Often times we take for granted life itself and how quickly everything moves around us, the stress, the pressure, the insecurities all thrown in together, we forget to practice a little kindness to ourselves and mindfully live the present moment. This series of Self Care Ted talks are also brilliant for emotional band aid and […]

   Well, it’s been about a year since we had our photoshoot in Chateau Villandry, a wedding photography gift from my Mother-in-law. We can no longer fit into our respective wedding outfits – well I can with a squeeze and struggle with the zipper and bulge or two. The horrors! Funny fuzzy feeling looking back and […]

Well, what a year! In 2014, I embarked on the biggest new adventure of my life – Getting Hitched. I’ve also been re-looking at strategy for the blog as it’s always been a labour of love and I’ve always struggled with how much of real life should go on here, since the advent of the […]


Sorry, it’s been short and hardly insightful food blog posts of late as I haven’t actually had time to sit down or digest what I’ve been doing or eating. There’s been many exploring adventures, still lots of eating and just not enough time to sleep. I’m in the middle of a big move, cat included […]

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