The PR agency (I wished I knew they were taking advantage. I did all the work pro bono, they lied that they didn’t have a budget.) of the Mandarin Oriental Macau approached me for this interesting project about “Hidden Faces” in Macao to feature my Firecracker labels collection. I was happy to participate as I […]

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So, Camelia was bright, airy and beautifully fitted. The food was also perfectly executed. The amazing advertising campaign oversold the place in terms of scale and magnificence, but the food speaks for itself. We had the calamari risotto made with orzo and a perfectly cooked John Dory, as I was rushing to get home and […]

Chef and I have our monthly date where we go to some place nice to try new things and get inspired (well, chef does and I’m just greedy). The food at two-starred Amber met all our expectations–my first and chef’s 3rd of 4th visit, The service unfortunately didn’t live up to its standards as I […]

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On my way home from work this evening, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The building right next to the CCTV tower was ablazed. I live really close to the iconic landmark and am still in disbelief at what happened. It’s the 15th day of the lunar new year and the last day people could uncontrollably […]