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I made a note to read this book by Lauren Collins as I continue to learn how to navigate my intercultural marriage with a French man. The book is somewhat interesting, anecdotal and also a discourse in linguistics in some chapters (which I found rather dry and difficult to get through). The flow of the narrative […]

I found Jennifer through the hashtag #marriedtoachef over a year ago and have followed her journey of raising 3 kids and conquering it all like a pro. You can check out her blog and the chef wife sorority she leads in a private facebook group. :) 1. How did you meet your chef husband? I […]

I’ve followed Shannon’s blog for over a year now and always inspired by her posts, keeping busy and plenty of the great outdoor photos. Head over to her blog to check out her posts and photos. :) Here’s a little Q&A with Shannon Hall! 1. Could you tell us a little about yourself? I’m Shannon […]

I am starting a series interviewing chef wives as part of my on-going series of #marriedtoachef to learn from and share how all these other amazing women from all over the world in similar situations are doing. From conquering their fears, pushing their boundaries and making it work at the merciless schedule of their chef […]

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“Leaning in” is such a catch phrase these days I catch people using it often and sometimes out of context, like how feminism is thrown around by brands and advertising like a trending buzzword that perverted the meaning of the word and deviate quite far from the principles. There have been so many mixed reviews […]

I have been buried under work and behind blogging, reading, cooking and everything I love about life. That is set to change soon with some adjustments I’ve made to work and play as I choose life. :) Well, I picked this up at the Taipa Macau library the other day and enjoyed it so much. […]

Constantly inspired by Jenn at Emulsified family and most recently a post by Shanndelier as the chef wives sorority share all these insider jokes on being married to a chef. There was a recent article that surfaced that is hopefully purely a joke and we shouldn’t really be doing it any more favours by directing traffic to […]

I couldn’t be more happy and proud of my man who has reached the next level towards the culinary holy grail of two Michelin stars, after gaining the first within 8 months after opening his eponymous restaurant, working so hard and motivating the team to tirelessly put in 200% to maintain it for three years […]

Jennifer at Emulsified Family does a great job of cheerleading other chef wives as well as sharing anecdotes and raising a family – quite often single handedly. I don’t yet have kids in the mix but with the conversation tabled, it gets me thinking about the dynamics of how relationships work in general and sharing […]