I couldn’t be more happy and proud of my man who has reached the next level towards the culinary holy grail of two Michelin stars, after gaining the first within 8 months after opening his eponymous restaurant, working so hard and motivating the team to tirelessly put in 200% to maintain it for three years […]

Well, there is the chef wives sorority everywhere in the world. I look to Jennifer at Emulsified Family regularly for informative and supportive posts. Chefs’ wives in Asia keep mostly to themselves and their group of friends, I know a handful, but now to think about it, I am actually close to just one in Macau! […]

Hello! Sorry for the over a month silence, I have been waiting for news and direction from my web designer and there are still bugs to fix and I am trying to hold my excitement for the launch! AND HERE WE ARE! Lots have been happening, and still happening and I can’t wait to tell […]

Jennifer at Emulsified Family does a great job of cheerleading other chef wives as well as sharing anecdotes and raising a family – quite often single handedly. I don’t yet have kids in the mix but with the conversation tabled, it gets me thinking about the dynamics of how relationships work in general and sharing […]

There’s a sorority of chef’s wives network which I follow closely. I discovered Emulsified Family‘s blog quite recently and marvel at how Jennifer raises three kids and remains a pillar of strength and cheerleader for her chef husband. We don’t yet have kids in the equation and I’m not sure how much harder that would be […]

It’s been a busy first 10 days into 2015 with a few personal creative projects lined up – stay close for that! I’ve started journaling again and actually rediscovered the joy of writing pen to paper. I’ve always been old school, jotting notes on paper, but journaling thoughts and feelings that way is actually quite liberating. […]

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