I’m back on 4 hour sleeps a night, answering emails, fixing photos and personal blogging after tapering down recently to avoid burnout. The new site design is on its way with a new logo to boot. We had brunch here months back and ordered more than enough for two. While the service was excellent and […]

My first 3* experience and actually the lightest of all the starred meals we enjoyed this summer. Passédat is in a league of his own with his simple, pristine Meditteranean cuisine. The signature bouillabaisse came in many courses, each better than the next, every course happy creatures of the sea distilled in a dish in […]

This is a brilliant very cinematic documentary on the man behind 3 Michelin-starred restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro, the coveted 10-seat Tokyo restaurant is possibly the most expensive place to get the world’s best sushi. The sushi master Jiro shows the art of sushi, but above all, values, hardwork, traditions and the passion that drives one tirelessly. […]

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