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One of the oldest authentic Macanese cuisine spot in Macau, Riquexo meaning Rickshaw in Portuguese was started by centenarian Dona Aida de Jesus. She still hangs out at her little restaurant everyday, say hello to the grand dame who doesn’t look a day over 70. She is usually seated right by the cash register, usually […]

ift educational restaurant macao

I have been meaning to dine at the IFT Educational Restaurant for a while and finally got down to it. IFT  is the vocational training school to prepare Macau students for the world of hospitality and a career in the culinary arts. I’m an adjunct lecturer there, but haven’t been involved in their cooking training and […]

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Switching gears a little here as I have so many Berlin stories to share and photos of gorgeous blue skies days bicycling all around. The travel diary is coming up. But first, a Portuguese/Macanese restaurant that serves up delicious, fuss free authentic cuisine. Service is friendly, prompt and the pace between your dishes is upbeat […]