I work from home and have alot more flexibility around my meals and prepping my meals. For the last four years, although I worked from home, the demands of back to back conference calls didn’t allow me to actually even have lunch or time to pee. Now that I’m back in the freelance work from […]

This café isn’t so new on the scene anymore. I think they opened last year and has a wonderfully simple menu of Italian classics. They do an excellent job with the simple classics, pizzas, pastas, risotto with set lunches from 98MOP. The space is sparse but intimate with hanging lamps and wooden tables. Here’s the […]

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  When I lived in Beijing for four years, we only had Jenny Lou’s to count on. Even then imported cheese was expensive and tasted like chalk at best, slim pickings with farmers market featuring the locally made cheese by Le Fromager de Pékin.  Then I moved to Hong Kong and City Super was a wet dream. And then […]

Here is my current favourite hangout named after Franz Kafka, the genius behind those existential dark books. The eponymous name, however bears no semblance nor have any reference to the late author, the Macanese owners simply love Kafka and decided to name their Café after him. I can’t get enough of their beautiful textured wall […]

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Didn’t have much time to go exploring what’s new in the city so I took comfort in what was good and in the vicinity. I’ve been an instagram addict since its inception and am quite surprised how well some photos turned out on my old 3GS full of cracks and hangs all the time. I’m […]

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First time I had dried version of dan dan mian and have to admit I was quite disappointed. My mouth was watering thinking about the spicy tongue numbing chilli oil gravy and uber tasty. We recently checked out Hayyo Kitchen, right round the corner from where we live. This place does good pasta with a […]

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January 17 is the annual day of Italian cuisine and the Italian chefs association pick a dish every year to promote the authenticity of their cuisine. Last year was ragu Bolognaise and this year Pesto alla Genovese. I had dinner at Sureño before moving on to Aperitivo at midnight to see the crew of Beijing’s […]

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Last year’s dish was Italian Tagliatelle al Ragu Bolognese, and this year Pesto alla Genovese. Italian chef Marino D’Antonio at Sureño Restaurant Beijing will be participating again next year on January 17. From a “working class” type of sauce perfect for dressing “lasagne, ‘troffie’ or ‘trofie’ that in Liguria are elongated and twisted gnocchi, with […]


I am convinced that I should buy a pasta making machine although I rarely cook these days, but nothing taste better than freshly made pasta and it’s so much fun too. chow.com had a brilliant feature “When Pasta Met Sauce” on different types of pastas and the sauces that best match it. The best memory […]


I remember living in Italy and my Italian friends would spout out numbers for which type of pasta they are referring to and plan to cook, but I never quite got round to getting to know my pasta in different shapes and sizes. Before everyone thinks I’m crazy, I’m referring to these numbers that everyone […]

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