One Harbour Road at the Grand Hyatt is our regular haunt. We’re here at least twice a month for yumcha and it’s what the toddler looks forward to every week. I’m surprised it doesn’t have a Michelin star even though it’s on the Guide’s radar. I know it does huge volume, but the quality is […]

We were pleasantly surprised by the food here at the Chinese restaurant of Hong Kong Club – great Peking duck and BBQ roasts along with dimsum dishes. Our friends invited us over for weekend brunch at the Hong Kong club. Country clubs used to be a middle class thing in Singapore while we were growing […]

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The restaurant most recently scored 1 Michelin star in the 2014 guide, which I’m not sure if it’s worthy to join the stellar ranks, but since hole-in-the-wall restaurants like Tim Ho Wan or the whole chain of Lei Gardens have one star too… it’s hard to comprehend the Hong Kong & Macau Guide ratings, as […]

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I’ve done my favourite Peking duck list, the last time I’ve checked returning regularly to Beijing since I left in 2011, they are all still good, and there’s a new kid on the block to have your duck – jujube wood roasted and spot on.   I finally got a chance to dine at Jing Yaa […]

The first preview event at West Kowloon Cultural District took place at the M+ Bamboo Theatre, celebrating the traditional craft of Cantonese opera, taking it back to the streets with a large outdoor stage on its construction site, decorated with beautiful banners on each side done digitally by local veteran artist Gaylord. There were Cantonese […]

Several strangers have emailed me on my thoughts on Beijing’s best duck, and I realised I never put up an entry on this, so I’m going to slowly post my lists of favourite eats in Beijing, some I miss dearly. For ducks, whatever you do, do NOT go to Quanjude, you’d be served greasy sub-quality […]


I am getting slower with the backlog of updates and more boring with my posts. Now that I have managed to get more sleep and time for reading, hopefully I can be literate and funny. I needed some time to collect my thoughts before blogging about this amazing meal at Da Dong. Anyhow, I had […]

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Most recently ranked number 4 in the Miele Guide’s Top 20 Asian restaurants, Da dong is progressively revising the menu to offer so much more than skillfully roasted Peking duck. The restaurant’s name in Beijing is synonymous with the city’s best duck, but dig deeper into that book of a menu (prologue and epilogue all […]