I haven’ t been big on the festive celebrations where everyone seem to go all out to party like there’s no tomorrow. Since going through cancer treatment and the gift that won’t stop giving – the reverberating side effects of chronic pain – my body feels broken from the inside out, I have been trying […]

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I have fallen behind a photo a day, but ever grateful for the opportunities to keep discovering and keep travelling. Given my shoulder chronic pain, I have also not been lugging my DSLR out everyday. Actually somedays, I don’t leave the house. That needs to change and I have to get back into some semblance […]

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Tried to capture the reflection of magic hour glow on the ICC building, but lacking mastery, turned out as a golden blob. Took this photo in pretty poorly lit conditions with the 50mm lens, and rested the camera on the floor to keep really still. Love this photo of Smudge and didn’t want to edit […]

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As much as I’d like to erase all of my digital footprint, my work unfortunately depends on it, and I dare say I’m pretty good at it. Need tips on how to be a featured user on Instagram – this might be dated with the ever changing algorithm, but you might like to try it out. […]

I’ve shifted gears the last couple of weeks, put in a fair amount of time into doing more of what I love and learning lots of new skills from figuring out coding to fix bugs on this blog to sewing and finally baking a kick ass pizza and flourless chocolate cake that the Michelin starred […]

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Apart from cooking and hosting guests over Chinese New Year Holidays, I’m so grateful for downtime to catch up on blogging, reading and self work exercises. Social media always makes life look so much more groovy than the reality. I am in a great place, but I have a nagging feeling of not arriving yet […]

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(rainy, cold and very quiet long walk along the longest coast of the North Sea in St Peter Ording, Germany – excellent for self reflection and practising, endurance and mindfulness!) Mindfulness has been a buzz word in the last year or so – but what does it really mean to be mindful? I started this […]


I’m on my 76th day and I am determined to get to the finish line – and then what? Just so it checks off as a project completed, no loose ends hanging… it’s my inflexible Singaporean in me going about task lists. There’s been alot of anti-100happydays hate lately from articles to friends on my […]


Sorry, it’s been short and hardly insightful food blog posts of late as I haven’t actually had time to sit down or digest what I’ve been doing or eating. There’s been many exploring adventures, still lots of eating and just not enough time to sleep. I’m in the middle of a big move, cat included […]

I have so much work to do, I don’t even know where to start, but I know despite the madness and stress, it’s going to be pretty fab. Just hanging out with Pinnochio I’m aiming to get all my summer entries up by this week, so here’s photos from a weekend in Tours. Created with […]