I ate alot this year, from Michelin starred restaurants, private kitchens, house parties, hawker centres to da pai dongs… there were some bad meals, alot of average meals, but so very few excellent ones. Here’s my top 10 and most memorable meals of 2011 in no particular order. 1. Local pork chop noodles in Macau, […]

Quick updates as I am far behind my updates and posts in queue are piling up. I’ve been to this little local joint Pui Kee 沛记 a few times now, and highly recommend the pork chop noodles 猪排拉面, ask for extra egg. :) Last time, I had the pork chop soup noodles. Unfortunately menus are […]

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I’ve been alot more wandering around on tucking into lots of great local offerings in Taipa. The other day I had a pork chop noodles, which was one of those comforting bowls of noodles with an element of “western” flavour thrown in. Was wandering into one of the narrow alleys of Taipa Village and stumbled […]