Chef and I have our monthly date where we go to some place nice to try new things and get inspired (well, chef does and I’m just greedy). The food at two-starred Amber met all our expectations–my first and chef’s 3rd of 4th visit, The service unfortunately didn’t live up to its standards as I […]


It was a bank holiday Friday, so we had a ladies day out and treated ourselves to an indulgent 5 course menu and a bottle of wine. We were completely spoilt, what a great way to spend a non-working Friday afternoon. (okay, save for a few tweets and emails on the blackberry) We started with […]

All I did was pretty much eat and drink and eat again in HK. I was disappointed about not getting a table at 2 starred Amber to investigate and try the “chicken with blue legs wrapped in a towel” —the most expensive chicken in the world by way of Brest (poularde de bresse) listed as […]