I am thankful for my good SEO on my blog for the producer and researcher both presented my blog by coincidence at the meeting and the decision was made to have me featured to do a food crawl on TV5 Canada Ports D’attache programme for the Hong Kong episode.If I had a little more confidence I would […]

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A private dinner and some food photography tips from award winning photographer and chef Andrea Oschetti in his wonderful loft studio with the Amateur Gourmet crew. A simple three course meal that I and a few others helped prepare. He’s all about healthy Italian cooking, without butter cream and sparing use of oil—which while light […]

  Another great meal with the AG foodies group. The private kitchen idea is flourishing in Hong Kong and I don’t quite get the fuss, but I really enjoyed and appreciated what Carrie and her partner has done at Comilonas. Carrie has never lived in Spain, but regular visits to visit her Spanish husband’s family […]

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Private Kitchens seem to be really popular here, so I was happy to join a group of foodies to try some authentic Cajun food. As the weather has started cooling down considerably, it wasn’t such a bad idea piling up the heavy food. It was HKD450 per head, servings very generous and all family style. […]


The other night, I finally made my way to Black Sesame Kitchen for some delicious hutong dining. A quaint little spot turned into a tight modern setting for party of diners or Chinese cooking classes. The lady chef above is also known as Chairman Wang in Jen’s book. I read Jen Lin Liu’s book over […]


The trend of organic produce has been steadily rising in China and the state leaders eat nothing but organic produce from farms all over the country. 40 Dongsi Liutiao brings to the laymen set menus of recipes that come from Master Cheng Ruming—the former chef of the late Mao. His grandson has taken over the […]