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Chez Serge is one of the best address in Carpentras and many living in the Provence region drive over just to dine here. Well, it’s truffle season and the menu speaks nothing but truffles. The cosy beautiful space in the middle of Provence, but I unfortunately didn’t feel that the food nor service deserved any […]

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Truffles – the black diamond on the market and one of the few cash-only trade with the exception of drugs and the price and market value rises and falls according to the harvest and quality. I ate a week full of generous portions of truffles and had stomach cramps thanks to my own greed. The […]

What else do we do in the heart of Provence where black truffles are in full season and we’re eating with a bunch of international celebrity Michelin starred chefs? They cook, we eat, we discuss what and how to eat next, and we eat again – all this whilst drinking great wines and eating more […]


Sorry for the silence, it’s hectic as always finishing up work before boarding flights and typically I don’t do very well with my attempt at a digital detox – fortunately for poor and slow internet connection in the EU compared to Asia, I get very little work done on holidays.   We’ve just had an […]