This is my friend Oli’s favourite restaurant. Chicken collagen hotpot, and what the Japanese call “beauty hotpot”. This pile of gelatinous white block melts into stock for cooking your meats and vegetables. It was interesting but a tad too salty for me, but I’d have it every once in a while, you get the option […]

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This is our favourite spot in town for a quick in-and-out satisfying meal in Taipa. The broth thick, rich and delicious – you have options on extra pork slices, bamboo, egg, sea weed and onions as well as how spicy you’d like it. Our default order is always the signature pork broth based noodles (they […]

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I didn’t have very much time to venture out to eat lots and enjoy Tokyo while travelling for work – but this bowl of ramen at Ichiran was one of the highlights of meals I’ve had. A thick, super rich pork broth with perfectly cooked al dente noodles, I choose white onions garnish and garlic […]

Just catching up on my last Beijing trip. My Singapore entries are still sitting in the pipeline, so please bear with me… as there are more delightful things on Paris coming up as well! I’m in Beijing at least twice a year to catch up on the scene there and clearly it’s never enough time […]


Some people say it’s one of the best ramen in Hong Kong and people queue for ages just to get a seat in the tiny ramen house that seats no more than 20. I think as with many spots in Hong Kong, Daruma is over rated. The noodles were pretty good, broth rich and tasty, […]

No time for updates, as it is/was insanely busy and there is an unimaginable amount of work to be done. Highlights from Beijing: Ramen Street in Wang Jing through November The Story of Ernesto Bones, great pop up installation in Dashilar, featuring Heston Blumenthal’s creation for the story. Well, on 微博 Chinese twitter, this is […]

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Some great food scenes, but the protagonist was annoyingly quintessentially Yank. It reeked of Yankee doodlism and I’m so glad the noodle master gave that brat a hard time. I probably wouldn’t have had the discipline nor resilience to master noodle making. The classic Tampopo is a much better film if you’re looking for Ramen […]

I haven’t been to my favourite Yakitori place in ages, but it always hits the spot. This time, the little hole in the wall was full, so I ventured next door to the sister noodle bar, which was fantastic! Regretfully, we didn’t order as much from the grill as we weren’t ravenously hungry. Instead of […]

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Juzo Itami’s film from 1985 is all about one woman’s quest to make perfect noodles. The obsessive journey is interspersed with all sorts of food scenes you can think of: in love, sex, death, awkward moments in the cinema, obsession with squishing things at the supermarket—you name it, Itami has it all beautifully presented visually. […]