I am convinced that friends who cook and eat together, stay together. Making friends in Macau has always been a challenge for me here, but after four years of endurance I’ve finally found my tiny tribe of friends I can count on one hand. Check out C’s Kitchen is full of wonderful and easy recipes […]

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We made scampi penne and here’s what we did with the heads and shells-maximising on the flavours of the sea, we made use of every part so that none of the good stuff go to waste. And as you can see mascarpone (and often creme fraiche) is our best friend, and they kind of hang […]

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One of the best pastas I’ve had and homemade with love. We got these fresh langoustines at the Les Halles market in Tours and then chef picked up some chanterelles and mascarpone, creating a new recipe on the spot. Scampi and Chanterelles Penne recipe: Ingredients: – 2 scampis per person (size 5/6) – 400g girolle […]

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Months ago, I got roped into this lovely group of chefs, authors and big time foodies started by fellow Singaporean and author Cheryl Tan. July’s theme is BBQ and we’re just getting ready to do some on our roof terrace in a couple of weeks. Some photos from last year-typical Asian style with fishcakes stuffed […]


January 17 is International Italian Cuisines day and Italian chefs all over the world are participating by cooking Osso Bucco–the chosen dish of 2012. The annual event revisits traditional recipes that have lost its authenticity around the globe. Cream in your carbonara anyone? Or parmesan on your seafood pasta? The carnage! Organised by ITCHEFS and […]


A great reference chart if you’re experimenting with cooking. Pulled from thousands of recipes on the web and presented beautifully. via Information is Beautiful

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S suggested a risotto night under her supervision, so we made two risottos last saturday. One with speck, raddichio rosso (a tribute to my Trevigiani days) and red wine and the other, a strawberry risotto, one of the unique things that I took with me from my days of living in Italy. My Italian girlfriend […]

I’ve been very fortunate in my few weeks of living in HKG (the last 8 months didn’t count as I didn’t make any friends since I was perpetually in transit and not living my life for myself) I made a handful of new friends who share the same obsession for food and wine as me. […]


image via GOOD magazine There are so many lists on food literature, both non-fiction and fiction, this list is by no means exhausive. Here are some recent 12 I’ve read and really enjoyed. A year or so ago, I was planning to do a masters course in gastronomy at the Slow Food university, UNISG founded […]

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One of the most amazing food films ever made and one I recently re-watched . Babette cooks up a feast, from humble peasant meals to full blown French gastronomy. I thought only the Chinese ate turtles, but apparently it was something on French menus too in the 19th century. Based on a short story by […]

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