I think the hardest things I haven’t mastered is slow cooking because the Asian cuisine that I’m familiar with tends to overcook all kinds of meat. It is the spices and rich flavours that count in the curries and soups, where meat is used more for the essence than to savour the purity of the […]

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One thing I regret was not tagging along to go to the butcher’s to poke my nose about. We had different cuts of pork through the week and here are some ideas on what to do with it! I love pork, given that it’s the backbone of Chinese cuisine and I grew up with lots […]

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I was fortunate enough to be in France during the white asparagus season, so here are ways to cook the lovely vegetable. They are known as part of the bamboo family in Chinese, 芦笋. 笋 being bamboo. Three ways to cook with white asparagus: 1. Asparagus with slow cooked egg Our eggs turned out overcooked […]

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Living in fast pace Asia I forgot how that works in Europe, where reservations at restaurants have to be made days if not weeks in advance. Which all worked out well since cooking at home was so much more fun and more economical and it was in line with my (yet another) new project to […]

At the expat rag I work for, I also help out with the sister publication, Betty’s Kitchen, a Chinese food/recipe Magazine. I contribute recipes to this game.

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