There’s been plenty of interest in relocation and Singapore PR (SPR) application recently as Hong Kong ex-pats have been exploring options given the current unsettling climate. There’s been an exodus of families since last year and currently with the extended closure of international schools until end April with the panic of the spread of the […]

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The topic of the trailing spouse has been written about for years and there have been plenty of women who articulate it so well. Some people take offence with the negative connotations attached to the term, but I’ve finally made peace with the label. I’m still crawling along trying to figure out my place in […]

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(Picture: gorgeous padi fields in Bali circa 2010) Well, there’s much more to trailing spouse insecurities, alienation and displacement. I’ve been travelling and relocating for work myself before I decided to take the plunge (with very cold feet admittedly!) and give up the life as I knew it to move to Macau over two years […]


Sorry, it’s been short and hardly insightful food blog posts of late as I haven’t actually had time to sit down or digest what I’ve been doing or eating. There’s been many exploring adventures, still lots of eating and just not enough time to sleep. I’m in the middle of a big move, cat included […]


Image via Pet world shop I’ve been wanting to post this for a while now. It’s almost a month since I’ve moved here and it’s been the usual madness of beginning a life from scratch in a new place, this time with a cat in tow. Prior to moving, I found little information that was […]

This is possibly the longest period I’ve neglected my blog and I haven’t a clue why it took me so long to sort myself out. I’ve been exhuasted partly due to the hacking cough that keeps me awake all night and having various China moments. From meeting with a foreign real estate agent who doesn’t […]


I swear getting old slows everything down. As I’m pushing 30 this year, gone were the days of throwing things into two suitcases and getting on a plane to begin a new life.. and shipping at most 4 boxes to the new city. This time I shipped out 18 boxes, sold and gave away probably […]


Well, almost. I moved into this apartment with 35 boxes and I’ve shipped off 18. I’m on track for de-cluttering and mercilessly chucking out stuff. Two sleepless nights, a major migraine later, I had a minor panic attack as I couldn’t find my cat after the movers left. She magically reappeared later and I discovered […]