My story for Culture Trip after the launch of Beijing’s first Michelin Guide with some of my old and new favourites. I also got to speak to Chinese food authority Fuchsia Dunlop who shed light on the rich offerings of Chinese cuisine. Following the Guide’s China launch in Shanghai and Guangzhou, Beijing’s first Michelin Guide […]

I rounded up the best Portuguese restaurants for Travel2Next site. Read them here

I like Korean food, but my husband has less appreciation for it, especially Kimchi that is an acquired taste. He say the smell radiates out of my pores after consuming the pickled vegetables. There are Korean communities all over the world and they bring with them all these delicious sauces and foods. Macau has a […]

I’m frantically catching up with blog posts during this Chinese New Year holiday seasons as I’m just nearly up to speed on work emails. Now that I’m done sorting through hundreds of photos and working through my to-do list, I’ve been spending more time going through ideas for collaborations and working on new personal projects […]