I ate alot this year, from Michelin starred restaurants, private kitchens, house parties, hawker centres to da pai dongs… there were some bad meals, alot of average meals, but so very few excellent ones. Here’s my top 10 and most memorable meals of 2011 in no particular order. 1. Local pork chop noodles in Macau, […]

I was already feeling awesome in my late 20s where I had more direction in life and things somehow fell into place more easily without angsty battles—possibly because I got better at managing myself, people and situations. Also, working with amazing bosses and colleagues completely turned things around. After years of stumbling through my entire […]

The wine list here reads like a yellow pages directory and you order directly from the ipad where everything is nicely categorised for easy browsing. While old school opulence and grandeur décor isn’t my thing, the food and wines more than make up for those velvet red curtains with golden tassels and baroque furniture with […]