Brought this back from Berlin for the husband and it seems to be a big hit with everyone. I got this at Promobo Design shop at Hackesche Höfe – a gift shop haven with emerging European designers. What I loved about their concept is they set aside shelves for local and emerging European designers to display […]

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I chanced upon this while wandering through the alleys to get to my coconut ice cream shop. This little area has transformed with lots of new designer boutiques, art galleries and a super cool sweet store. A little bit of a wonderland in the middle of old local housing, just 50m down from St Paul’s […]

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Admittedly I actually haven’t been back to this cosy little corner shop for over a year now and was back recently and reminded of all the cool quaint things homage to Portugal, when Macau was still its little colony. Located in a charming bright yellow art deco style building with a courtyard (you can head […]


So, one of the next best thing living in Macao is that we’re just 30 minutes from the border of Zhuhai and about 20 mins to this wonderful furniture wood village in 中山, Zhongshan that sells everything at wholesale cost price made for export and distribution. It’s kind of like a household wonderland with more […]

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Marrakech is one of those magical places you read about in novels full of Arabian mystery and that sense of poetic chaos in the city is that exact same experience as you’re assaulted by lots of colours, sounds and haggling shop keepers. But it’s wonderful. Shopping? You’re spoilt for choice, it’s overwhelming! The medina is […]

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One of the best things about Macau is it hasn’t been cleaned up and gentrified like many cities. The old locals are still grumpy as hell, there are random little flea markets and really old shops that have collected dust for decades filled with Macau vintage treasures from bowls to posters and 1800s postcard to […]


  Navigating the Macau wet markets begins as a daunting overwhelming experience as vendors are impatient, always giving the hostile ‘tsk’ and often times told me to stop asking questions and to go away if I wasn’t planning to buy anything from them. Then I learnt through months of persistence that beneath that steel hostile […]


Way overdue entry. Was a great day out a few weeks back with my best friend D, discovering new places and things. Naturally, I spent more of the day eating than buying as I lack patience to do much shopping. We discovered a really cute shop called Polkadot boutique and I got myself a fortune […]

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