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Image via Living with Goats There are many ways to clean a piece of meat before we cook it; from taking out the ink pouch of fat succulent squids, to making a slit on the fish’s scaly underbelly to remove its organs, or cleaning out the insides of the chicken. He was very meticulous about […]

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image from the wonderful internet A short story entry I wrote for the Orange prize short story writing contestorganised by Harper’s Bazaar UK. The theme was “The Gesture”. Born to devout buddhist parents, Shou was never made to feel guilty about his permanent disability or how he was a burden to the family. His mother […]

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Image via google. This is a story I wrote on mooncakes for the Commonwealth short story competition. As a child, I always thought God was an invisible giant and he watched over us with his only eye like Cyclops and slept in cycles as it took at least 15 days for him to close his […]

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Image via google. He was born blind and he didn’t know the world in colours or had any idea of visuals. However, he loved reading and had learnt how to read braille very well. He had heard about the legendary Helen Keller, but he wanted to be better than she was. With a voracious appetite […]

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Image via here He loved his long, sometimes weary 12 hour shifts at the supermarket, greeting familiar faces with the usual load of groceries or meeting new ones and getting to know them from their weekly buys. Although he has only worked there for a year, he made many new friends, young and old. He […]

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Bob was a distant relative of the bobby hairpins, but his mother called him Bob for his prominent bulbous blue head that distinguished him from the regular pin crowd. He was taken out of a sewing kit one day and carelessly placed on the cork notice board to join the other regular stationary pins to […]

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