My piece for SCMP after my last Scandinavia gastronomy trip in January eating in Sweden and Denmark, featuring two Michelin stars Faviken that sadly closes the end of the year and three Michelin stars Geranium. Noma was my least favourite of the restaurants I visited and it certainly didn’t live up to its hype. I […]

Love this little spot tucked away in Dempsey. I wasn’t aware that Open Farm Community was another of chef Ryan Cliff’s projects, but a really chilled out rustic space serving up locally grown greens. The food is real and simple, tasty and the portions are fair. I had a green pea soup served with jamon. […]

I work from home and have alot more flexibility around my meals and prepping my meals. For the last four years, although I worked from home, the demands of back to back conference calls didn’t allow me to actually even have lunch or time to pee. Now that I’m back in the freelance work from […]

Checked out this cute little restaurant just across from the A-Ma temple at Barra the other day with FC who always knows the coolest, newest spots! Featuring them in an upcoming piece for Travel + Leisure South East Asia’s edition on Macau. Previously, this spot was a cha chaan teng and got a little makeover […]

We were lucky to have secured a table here as the husband heard lots of good things in the chef circle and I neglected to make reservations at Locavore – No.49 on the Asia World’s 50 Best list. We scrambled around to try to get a table at the last minute. They only do one […]

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It’s been pretty frantic and hectic weeks at work as well as the travel front, so I’ve been lagging behind the blog, whilst trying to plan a wedding and do a million other things at the same time. Every month, I contribute to the Macau Closer magazine with my bite size food column. Here’s a […]


  Navigating the Macau wet markets begins as a daunting overwhelming experience as vendors are impatient, always giving the hostile ‘tsk’ and often times told me to stop asking questions and to go away if I wasn’t planning to buy anything from them. Then I learnt through months of persistence that beneath that steel hostile […]

I have so much work to do, I don’t even know where to start, but I know despite the madness and stress, it’s going to be pretty fab. Just hanging out with Pinnochio I’m aiming to get all my summer entries up by this week, so here’s photos from a weekend in Tours. Created with […]

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     The first slow food event modelled closely after Carlo Petrini’s vision of going local, following the principles of “good, clean and fair” was brilliant. Organised by The Schoolhouse at the Great Wall Mutianyu, the event reminded me exactly of what the students at UNISG did, an insanely exorbitant course that I cannot justify […]

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There’s a growing movement for slow food in Beijing, with prominent foodies starting discussion groups and dinners together. I am also constantly reminded of my game plan to be in Bra for my masters in due course and will continue to dream about Italy till then. I remember Carlo Petrini coming to give a talk […]