The food has been pretty good of late. Maybe the catering company is also preparing for their annual appraisal review for next year’s contract. We had 炒饼 (rice flour noodles sliced thinly and fried) the other day at lunch with greasy chicken skewers with some cartilage for a nice crunch. Stir fry of mixed vegetables […]

No one looks at this fellow at lunch, but he cracks me up. Setting the mood for our meals, we tend to look as enthusiastic as Mr M&Ms when we have lunch and sometimes dinner. Still nursing a bad flu so haven’t had the best of appetites. 辣子鸡without the chillies but spicy nonetheless, side of […]

Forgot my memory card the other day, but I think the lomo effect actually makes it look better. Dumplings are always good, the side of fried glass noodles with bean sprouts are even better. I think the image looks better in a way, what do you think? (taken with my colleague’s S90. I kind of […]