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I tagged along with Mr chef on his work trip to Bangkok so I could see my old friend Prima, ice cream designer extraordinaire. We checked out the latest design project Open House at Central Embassy, something they call a “collective living space”, which is really a lifestyle concept store meets giant bookshop with great food […]

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It seems like so long ago since I left Beijing, it’s only been 3 years but it feels like so much longer. Last week, I was so happy to share the best day of my life with my “Beijing family” and it brought back so many memories of living in China. I never got round to […]

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Two friends have recently asked me on separate occasions about Lao Prabang and I realised I never put together a post of an amazingly surreal and relaxing time I had there in 2010; from riding elephants, eating amazing croissants and crepes for breakfast daily (All thanks to the French leaving behind a tad of romantic […]

It’s been a very rough week on the personal front, coupled with the daily stress at work. I hadn’t eaten in days and had to deal with recurrent bad gastric pains. I think I’m starting to get back on track. As they say you need to hit rock bottom before it gets better. Per aspera […]

We were really lucky to have stumbled upon this old man doing traditional egg waffles with his charcoal stove and push cart. Push cart treats are a dying trade in Hong Kong and the rest of the stalls where you’ll find these waffles somehow don’t taste half as good. We’ll just have to wait and […]


Learning how to be an elephant mahout and steering the elephant with my feet. I’m a terrible driver and an even worse cyclist, but I think I did pretty well riding the elephant and directing it. I love it when they flap their pink spotted ears. I wouldn’t want to ever ride on the back […]

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I forgot all about these wonderful traditional sausages and snacks, a north eastern Thai specialty. Just a month ago, at Ann & Mark’s Wedding in Chiang Mai, Nalis, Prima and I went to town and ate our way through the streets. These strings of sausages are rounded balls tied together by string and served on […]