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We had a bunch of overripe peaches and nectarines in the fridge that was too soft and squishy to eat so I sliced them up and threw them into a mix of Ingredients: one teaspoon of lemon juice 2 teaspoons of vanilla essence (I would have used the pods if I had them) One teaspoon […]

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(complete untouched, no photoshop or touch up done to this photo taken on a gorgeous sunny day) I’m very fortunate to be part of the annual summer holidays ritual going home to the Loire Valley that I only used to know from my French Reflects textbook while I was doing my DELF exams and am […]


Another #let’slunch post! A little late as we just got back from France yesterday and am severely jetlagged and a little stressed out about moving and flat hunting. Here’s chef’s recipe on a tomato white peach salad. We went to plenty of farmer’s markets in France and Spain and the amazing products are so painfully […]

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Months ago, I got roped into this lovely group of chefs, authors and big time foodies started by fellow Singaporean and author Cheryl Tan. July’s theme is BBQ and we’re just getting ready to do some on our roof terrace in a couple of weeks. Some photos from last year-typical Asian style with fishcakes stuffed […]

I ate alot this year, from Michelin starred restaurants, private kitchens, house parties, hawker centres to da pai dongs… there were some bad meals, alot of average meals, but so very few excellent ones. Here’s my top 10 and most memorable meals of 2011 in no particular order. 1. Local pork chop noodles in Macau, […]

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So, Camelia was bright, airy and beautifully fitted. The food was also perfectly executed. The amazing advertising campaign oversold the place in terms of scale and magnificence, but the food speaks for itself. We had the calamari risotto made with orzo and a perfectly cooked John Dory, as I was rushing to get home and […]

I forgot about dinner here, that’s not to say it wasn’t great, it was our last Michelin starred meal on the trip and we were so stuffed with rich food all week that we couldn’t finish the full dégustation menu. Food here is alot more classic and needless to say a whole lot more rich, […]


My favourite meal of my summer holidays. A three part amuse bouche, parmesan tomato emulsion, tuna millefeuille and tomato water. Simple and refreshing before our dégustation menu started to arrive. We did our soaring cholesterols a favour and skipped the foie gras course after days of overeating. Le hommad à l’orientale: Lobster carpaccio with coconut […]

Now that Summer is here, we’ve been finding excuses to have BBQs despite the thunderstorm and typhoon warnings, we had lots of luck with decent weather. The best thing about going to a BBQ organised by a fine dining (starred) chef is that 90% of the guests are also chefs, sommeliers or some expert in […]