One of the more meaningful things I did months before leaving my previous position in Hong Kong and moving to Macau was introducing e_ting the wonderful woman behind the Island East Markets concept to the team at Swire to sponsor the venue and subsequently putting Miele in touch with her to anchor sponsor the event. […]

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I’ve posted a series of interviews with the chefs of the hotels’ respective restaurants on the corporate blog: You’d be much better here. Here’s what chef Gray Kunz, Taki Panayotakos, Maxy Levy and Marino D’antonio have to say about their menus. A peek into the Hong Kong International Airport kitchen prep. Airport kitchen photography by […]

This whole great firewall of China thing has brought me back to the stone age. I have just lost a really long blog entry because my VPN seems to be wonky, and I don’t have the inspiration to retrieve the early entry on how wonderful Gray Kunz is, and his childhood spent in Singapore living […]