I am convinced that friends who cook and eat together, stay together. Making friends in Macau has always been a challenge for me here, but after four years of endurance I’ve finally found my tiny tribe of friends I can count on one hand. Check out C’s Kitchen is full of wonderful and easy recipes […]

One of my favourite cuisines is Thai food – always fresh, sweet, tart and savory at the same time, throw in the fresh chillies and it’s a real party in the mouth. Plus, the ingredients involve lots of fresh vegetables to balance out the coconut milk heavy gravy. And of course we all know that […]

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Now that the hype is over and my blog post way too late, Chachawan is definitely still worth a post. The food here is simple, spicy and worth every calorie. The best spot in the house is definitely the bar where you can see the chefs work and treat yourself (and your long hair) to […]

Growing up in a country full of amazing food in hawker centres, I’m now hooked on my new adventures to eat in the food centres all over Hong Kong. That would balance out all that fine dining gluttony I’ve been up to. I chanced upon this food centre while exploring the neighbourhood, it’s a wet […]


Heard so much about this Thai place, they’re suppose to have the best laab in town. Very very spicy stuff, but so fresh and good. great papaya salad, but I shouldn’t have agreed to spicy! More Chinese horfun than Thai noodles. I would go with the Padthai next time. Still, great stuff and I am […]