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Featured on BBC Fast track  Short Stays from Juliana Loh on Vimeo. See photography of the Making here Shortly after I launched Short Stays, a film project I commissioned three of some of China’s most talented young film directors to make films in-House, working with equally amazing Chinese photographers Madi and 223 to document the […]

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I’ve done my favourite Peking duck list, the last time I’ve checked returning regularly to Beijing since I left in 2011, they are all still good, and there’s a new kid on the block to have your duck – jujube wood roasted and spot on.   I finally got a chance to dine at Jing Yaa […]

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Revisiting the collection of three short films Short Stays 1 made by independent Chinese film makers in 2009/2010 the short films by Liu Jiayin, Peng Lei and Zhao Ye are now available to be viewed online after making their runs at International film festivals around the world. My ex Beijing flatmate Samantha Culp and I […]

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The Village Café has a new chef and a new a la carte menu to go along with it. While I was in Beijing recently, we shot a video with Australian chef Darren Greenwood on how to do a good steak sandwich and pumpkin salad. He stresses the importance of fresh produce and how Australians […]


January 17 is International Italian Cuisines day and Italian chefs all over the world are participating by cooking Osso Bucco–the chosen dish of 2012. The annual event revisits traditional recipes that have lost its authenticity around the globe. Cream in your carbonara anyone? Or parmesan on your seafood pasta? The carnage! Organised by ITCHEFS and […]

Dining at Sureño is never boring and I would be happy to dine here everyday, and I’m not being biased. Chef Marino made a five course menu, working with the different cheeses from the Mediterranean, from Italy (of course), Cyprus and Greece. Haloumi cheese from cyprus, with a chewy consistency of tofu and deliciously salty […]


The specially commissioned porcelain art clothing has made it back to Beijing from Paris, while the male suit is currently on its world tour, making its first stop in Dubai. The woman’s version was unveiled to Beijing on Monday, together with the limited edition Tees.

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Another really interesting project for the House, I worked with the team at Universal Music China to help facilitate and coordinate the making of the booklets, briefing the designer and proofing the FA. Beautiful cover art “Diving (1998)” by Su Xinping courtesy of Red Gate Gallery Beijing.

I love the way eel day sounds in Japanese and I’m sure I pronounce it like an American learning french, butchering every nuance in the language. This year, eel day falls on July 19, which is apparently the hottest day of the year in Japan (not sure with global warming as we’ve moved from a […]

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Chef Marino’s mamma came to visit and got behind the stove to cook alongside her son. With my broken Fran-talian and her super endearing Italian, we communicated passionately and had alot of fun. And she made me miss my mother. Here’s a video of Mother and son having some fun in the open kitchen, preparing […]

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