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Part of my on-going initiatives at Swire Hotels, working closely with students and commissioning work. (Beijing – March 2011) – Continuing the practice of collaborations with independent musicians and contemporary Chinese art galleries, The Opposite House provides a platform to showcase the creativity of up-and-coming young artists. This year’s initiative is a commissioned postcard project […]

I ate at Sureño four times this week. I absolutely love the food there, but my waistline is starting not to agree in my soon-to-be-deep-vein- trombosis skinny jeans. To start, the salmon has gorgonzola tucked inside, so does the salami on the other end. YUM! This dish below is my absolute absolute favourite at the […]


With migration and an ever-evolving food culture today, Italian cuisine has been bastardised beyond the purists imagination. Somehow cream found its way to the spaghetti carbonara and people have associated the dish with cream since forever. Rarely can we find it done the authentic way, filled with the gooey goodness of egg. So, next year […]

Nearly a year ago, I reviewed Bei restaurant that features North Asian cuisine with a creative spin. “Housed on the basement level of the Opposite House, this contemporary Asian restaurant holds its own among the boutique hotel’s other much-fussed about venues like Sureño and Village Café. Bei’s chef impresses with a reinvention of traditional classics […]

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