I filed this story pre-Covid19 madness and look forward to going back to Beijing sometime soon. Here are 9 of the best tours I filed for Culture Trip to get to know the Capital city where I have plenty of fond memories having lived there for 5 years. More Beijing stories: A Michelin chef’s guide […]

The Loire Valley  is a UNESCO Heritage region, but somehow doesn’t get half the attention of the rest of the regions like Burgundy or Bordeaux, despite having been the home of many Kings dating as far back as the 9th Century and have equally amazing wines that are the underdogs of the French wine world […]

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(complete untouched, no photoshop or touch up done to this photo taken on a gorgeous sunny day) I’m very fortunate to be part of the annual summer holidays ritual going home to the Loire Valley that I only used to know from my French Reflects textbook while I was doing my DELF exams and am […]

I have so much work to do, I don’t even know where to start, but I know despite the madness and stress, it’s going to be pretty fab. Just hanging out with Pinnochio I’m aiming to get all my summer entries up by this week, so here’s photos from a weekend in Tours. Created with […]


I think the hardest things I haven’t mastered is slow cooking because the Asian cuisine that I’m familiar with tends to overcook all kinds of meat. It is the spices and rich flavours that count in the curries and soups, where meat is used more for the essence than to savour the purity of the […]

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I was fortunate enough to be in France during the white asparagus season, so here are ways to cook the lovely vegetable. They are known as part of the bamboo family in Chinese, 芦笋. 笋 being bamboo. Three ways to cook with white asparagus: 1. Asparagus with slow cooked egg Our eggs turned out overcooked […]