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The topic of the trailing spouse has been written about for years and there have been plenty of women who articulate it so well. Some people take offence with the negative connotations attached to the term, but I’ve finally made peace with the label. I’m still crawling along trying to figure out my place in […]


Photo credit: Yan Palmer Erica is an amazing photographer now living in Shanghai with her two beautiful children and chef husband.   1. Well, could you tell us a little about yourself? I’m a photographer, a nomad, a mother, a wife. I’m originally from Canada, but life has taken me around the world, through Asian […]

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I’ve had the luxury of no work travel over January but all that begins again this month and doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down since I’ve travels locked in till April. Still, I’m determined to keep this up. Moving here was tough and it took me a good two years to find my […]

Second day into the New Year, no new resolutions, just staying focused, practising mindfulness and reducing my mad “jumping shrimp” tendency to multi-task on turbo. Here’s a new series I’ll be putting together, I’ve spent some time with iMovies and really don’t use it enough and it’s such a great creative outlet to do so […]

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(Picture: gorgeous padi fields in Bali circa 2010) Well, there’s much more to trailing spouse insecurities, alienation and displacement. I’ve been travelling and relocating for work myself before I decided to take the plunge (with very cold feet admittedly!) and give up the life as I knew it to move to Macau over two years […]