So, everyone jokingly calls this restaurant my husband’s “canteen”, as Robuchon once was where he’d dine up to four times a week there by himself. As you can see, my cooking at home can never measure up. We head to Ciak and Otto e Mezzo in Hong Kong whenever we’re in town and have our pre-travel dinner […]

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Chez Serge is one of the best address in Carpentras and many living in the Provence region drive over just to dine here. Well, it’s truffle season and the menu speaks nothing but truffles. The cosy beautiful space in the middle of Provence, but I unfortunately didn’t feel that the food nor service deserved any […]


Sorry for the silence, it’s hectic as always finishing up work before boarding flights and typically I don’t do very well with my attempt at a digital detox – fortunately for poor and slow internet connection in the EU compared to Asia, I get very little work done on holidays.   We’ve just had an […]

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One of the joys of going back to France for the Summer is buying and cooking amazing produce a fraction of the price in our Asian supermarkets. I’m also very fortunate to be eating noble products professionally cooked at home, but this is usually a treat and not expected of daily meals! We went out […]

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Our first date night of 2012, chef took me to the newly crowned 3* Robuchon, an additional * to their 2* status in 2011. We told chef Olivier to surprise us and boy, was it yum! Our amuse bouche was a lovely lobster, caviar jelly and royale de cauliflower, an intoxicating mix of rich flavours […]

So, we ended 2011 with a wonderful surprise spectacle – Macao’s House of Dancing Water show at City of Dreams. I’ve been twice now even though I live here and highly recommend any visitor coming for a day trip to top off the Macau visit with the show. Crazy acrobatic stunts coupled with an amazing set with […]