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200 of these lamps were installed at the UCCA, a stunning visual of colours, shapes and textures. However, I’m not sure what to make out of it conceptually, it’s pretty much the artist taking modern day society’s images and painting them with great imitation technique onto the lamp shades, seemingly without any deeper level of […]

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I’ve always been a fan of chef Billy Kawaga’s creations… and I remember fondly the brunches he did at Alfa about 2 years ago. The creative catering company Culinary Capers have found a home at Switch! with Kawaga at the helm of the kitchen. Everything we had was simple, unpretentious and plain delicious, served with […]

The highlight of my weekend was Erwin Wurm‘s Narrow Mist, a very narrow house filled with all the everyday stuff, only a small fraction of their usual width. Surely, a claustrophobe’s nightmare. check out the narrow stove! Boxy figures, juxtaposed against narrow house next door. And my favourite little random piece that is more interactive […]

I went for a walk in the hutongs today to find Ma Yanson’s famous Hutong Bubble project as his name has resurfaced recently about his new collaboration with Olafur Eliasson on Feelings are facts at the UCCA. I had meant to go this weekend, but will probably have to wait till next week or later. […]