This shop opened a couple of months ago discreetly in the old part of town with walls stacked from floor to ceiling of beautiful sardine cans. I don’t know about others, but I have a bad habit of buying stuff for their beautiful packaging and have a number of sardines boxes and cans after consuming the […]


The PR agency (I wished I knew they were taking advantage. I did all the work pro bono, they lied that they didn’t have a budget.) of the Mandarin Oriental Macau approached me for this interesting project about “Hidden Faces” in Macao to feature my Firecracker labels collection. I was happy to participate as I […]

So many friends that have come through Macao to visit and surprisingly enjoyed my Junk store exploration adventure. Many asked where I got my vintage treasures in this post where I took my former flatmate and one of my closest friends based between LA and Shanghai (not short of vintage gems) on a mad shopping spree… […]

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One of the best things about Macau is it hasn’t been cleaned up and gentrified like many cities. The old locals are still grumpy as hell, there are random little flea markets and really old shops that have collected dust for decades filled with Macau vintage treasures from bowls to posters and 1800s postcard to […]